How to save on shopping online: Feelunique promotions, discount and promo codes


Today Feelunique is the indisputable leader in the health and beauty products online stores. This brand was established in 2005 and in a short period of time has become recognizable and got over the main competitors in the market of beauty products. This is achieved through several basic principles all the company business is based on. There are more than 30k products from the world’s premium brands presented in the catalog of the online store. For customers’ convenience, each of these products has reliable reviews, insider tips, classes, and expert reviews, which allow you to study modern trends and discover new favorite beauty products.

The company does not conceal the ingredients of the products being sold and studies the lists of all ingredients used thoroughly – so you can be sure that you are buying quality and safe products. On top of that, Feelunique collaborates with Mind – a leading charity in the field of mental health – this fact also speaks about the brand for the best. The company is focused on the quality of the services provided – fast delivery, unbeatable customer service, and simple return policy – all of that makes the brand so popular with customers. Also, the store regularly runs seasonal and holiday sales, as well as various Feelunique promotions on the products of top brands. Feelunique promo codes are there to help buy products at a rebated price.

Feelunique promo code or coupon is a special combination of characters when entered at checkout gives a discount to the client, complimentary gifts, and other bonuses from the company.  Each promo code is valid for a limited time only and has terms of use, so if you don’t want to be confused with total amount and order picking, you must read the information on how to use that promo code.

All the latest Feelunique promotions and discounts are located in the special “Offers” section in the main menu of the online store. With such special offers the clients can buy favorite products at a reduced price, order sets at the best price, buy 3 products from the selected brands at the price of 2, as well as get free gifts when buying items from sale.

On top of that, the store has personal referrals to friends. You can create an exclusive link and send it to your friends, which will award them with a 15% discount on their first order.  And once they complete their order, you will receive a 15% discount to use on your next order as well.

Also, there is a special 20% discount for students. In order to get a discount, you have to be registered with Student Beans.

Feelunique delivery

The delivery from the Feelunique online store is carried out within 5 to 14 days once the order is processed. Processing usually takes 1 working day, but during busy periods, such as Black Friday, due to a large number of requests, the process can take up to 3-5 working days.

The delivery fee is calculated based on the total price of the order. For orders below $75 delivery fee is $10. For orders starting $75 – the delivery fee is $4.

Please note, claims for lost items can be accepted not earlier than 10 working days after stated delivery time due-date.

For more information about delivery from Feelunique.com, you can go to the company’s website and access the special section “Delivery Information” from the bottom menu.


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